This is what past clients have said about working with me - direct quotes from clients' written notes and cards:

You are the "Greatest"! Thank you for being there for me and dealing with my seemingly never ending paranoia! If it was not for the trust I have in you, I fear instead of this being a happy occasion it would have been more stressful and nerve racking!  Thank you again for all you have done! You are very much appreciated! I'm happy now!

Shlynn (first-time buyer)


I want you to know how much easier things were because of all your help. Thank you. Your friend Joyce.

Joyce (buyer)


Just wanted to say thank you for all you did concerning our house in Grand Rapids. We appreciated all of your help and advice, and enjoyed working with you. Please keep in touch. Best wishes to you.

The Stokes (re-located sellers)


Thank you for everything you've done for us in the last couple of months. Your patience, time & efforts are appreciated more than you'll ever know. You did a super job on both ends (both our house and the Bailey house) and we'll head business your way if we ever have the chance.

The Bracketts (sellers and buyers)


Nancy did an excellent job with finding the right house for us. She was professional, patient, and most of all very dependable.

The Biels (first-time buyers)


Nancy is a great Realtor whom I would recommend all of my friends to.She is great and helped make it easy for us.

The Collins (first-time buyers)


Nancy did an excellent job!

Ms. Sprague (buyer)


Thanks for all your help and hard work. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again!

The Kamphuises