Leadership Mecosta Spirit Award


2011 Spirit Award Winner

Given each year to a member of the Leadership Mecosta County Class 


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                                  Shila Kiander and Gail


Based on the belief that:

Building and maintaining team spirit is vitally important to the long-term health and vitality of the Leadership in Mecosta County organization and its members...

PRESENTED BY Gail Wyatt, graduate, Class of 2000

Class Members to vote for each year's recipient, based on the following criteria:

   1.  Has a natural, energizing quality that brings life to the class.
   2.  Demonstrates a positive interaction within the group.
   3.  Be able to share his/her knowledge and talents.
   4.  Has the ability to operate successfully in a team environment.
   5.  Demonstrates a desire and ability to grow within the class.
   6.  Be organized.
   7.  Assumes responsibility.
   8.  Be able to acknowledge the diversity of others' opinions.
   9.  Be a Team Player.
   10.  Demonstrates enthusiasm.