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To me, her real estate career is both a dream-come-true and a mission.  Born with natural creative talent, after a short course in high school, her first full-time job was as a graphic artist in the flexible packaging industry. There, others noticed her ability to manage details with ease and she was soon asked to join the company's production scheduling and inventory control team, where she managed an entirely manual system of accomplishing the company's projects efficiently and on-time, while keeping an accurate accounting of its ever-changing finished goods inventory.   

Encouraged by her abilities with numbers and love of business, Diane began pursuing a degree in accounting, part-time while continuing to work full time.  After four years of being a bookkeeper by day and a student by night (completing a minor in accounting), she changed her degree program to communications (marketing) to better allow her to capitalize on her natural talent in creativity. 

After ten years of part-time evening college attendance, she graduated from Aquinas College, on the Dean's List, with a dual degree in business administration and communications, along with a minor in accounting.    

Although she began her post-college employment in marketing, within a couple of years she transitioned to human resources management and found a role which required both a high level of creativity and skilled coordination of systems, processes, details and people.   

Over the next fifteen years, she established two human resources departments from scratch, advanced an established, but complacent human resources function to one of effectiveness and relevance, and took over a ISO failing quality management function, turned it around and achieved full ISO compliance in one year's time.   As a member of the management team in both non-union and unionized manufacturing companies, she excelled in problem solving, negotiation, and influence.   Being a life-long learner, she completed a master's degree in human resources with a 4.0 GPA in 2006.  

In 2008, she left corporate America to pursue self-employment.  She and her partner, Rob Glessner, have built a promotional products dealership which consistently ranks in the top ten percent of dealers in the U.S.  Glessner Promo still serves West Michigan businesses today, with Rob managing it.  While growing this business, she wore many hats and used the opportunity to hone her marketing and sales skills. 

After much self-reflection and research, real estate, as a career path, had been on Diane's wish-list since 2001.  Due to life's ups and downs, the stars never quite aligned to make it possible until 2015, when her partner pointed out to her that the perfect time to pursue her dream had come and pledged his ongoing support.  With the excitement of a child opening the Christmas gift they had hoped for and the urgency of a woman with her hair on fire, Diane wasted no time learning what she needed to know to "open up shop" as a Realtor.   

After getting her realtor's license, she set about creating a realty business, unlike any other.  With advocacy, integrity, service being her priority values, she decided to specialize and build her business around helping adults (ages 50+) downsizing from a long time family home to a smaller one.  These people might be empty-nesters moving to a smaller condo or seniors transitioning from a home they have lived in for 30+ years to a smaller retirement community unit.   

To position herself to provide the most value to this niche, who were downsizing as they advanced to the next chapter of their lives, Diane studied for and received SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) certification from the National Association of Realtors.  Additionally, she has developed a well-established, full-service team of competent resource partners, which are able to address any challenges her clients may have from clean-out to close (including repair and updating, painting, cleaning , sorting, packing, moving and more.)  As a result, she understands the unique needs of downsizers (young and old) and has created a specific program for doing so, with a "smooth move" as her ultimate goal for her clients.  Diane highly values ongoing education and has invested countless hours and $5000+ of her personal funds towards mastering the knowledge and skills required to be an excellent real estate partner to her clients.   

Additionally, Diane uses her expertise and resources to help personal representatives and/or trustees, who are administering the estate of a loved one, to help prepare the estate real estate for sale, and helps them resolve the estate by marketing and selling the estate property for top dollar.  Diane's earned designation, as a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, is a rare one among the West Michigan Real Estate community.   In fact, she may be the only one in the area.   

Among the advantages of listing with Diane are her sales/marketing expertise, her full range of services and capacity to sell the property at the highest price achievable and net her clients the most money possible.  As a Realtor, she is relational, over transactional.  She sees her clients as people, not sales.  She is known for exceeding expectations for creativity, service and communications.   

Although she is highly relational and, you will find her to be a genuinely caring, trustworthy professional... never underestimate a girl who drives a Jeep.  She is driven, goal-oriented, and never gives up.  She makes your goals her own and works hard to make them happen... even if it is "up-hill" all the way.  


But you don't have to any of what's written here at face-value.


Call her today and schedule an informal, no-pressure "get to know each other" coffee meeting and make your own judgment as to whether she is the Realtor partner for you. 



Specialties: Quality Home, Move-Up Home, Dream Home, Retirement, Relocation, Residential, Executive Home
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