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Big Rapids
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Remember Scrappy

Hi, I am a lifetime resident of Big Rapids Michigan.  Living in Big Rapids my entire life has given me a wonderful knowledge and love of this area.  I believe by being involved in your community is very important. I am currently on the City of Big Rapids Planning Commission , 9+ years, on the Big Rapids Zoning Board of Appeals, chair of the Historic District Study Committee, past secretary of the Good Neighbors Association, volunteer for United  Way Apppropriations committee, and past 4-H leader for many years.  The knowledge that I have learned from the Planning Commission helps me understand conforming and non conforming land issues, proper residential zoning use, and how this all works together when purchasing a home or a business.  It all comes into play.  It PAYS to have a knowledgable agent in regards to land use.  I also have extensive knowledge of the area lakes.  I spend my free time at our cottage on Horsehead Lake, and have fished most all of the lakes in Mecosta County.  There is no better way to know a lake than to fish it.  You quickly find out where the sand bars and hidden rocks are........and not always in a good way.


Are you wondering what "Scrappy" stands for, besides being my best canine buddy?? It stands for what I belive I stand for in real estate







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