• Previous Broker needs to sign and date the back of your pocket license and complete and sign the GRAR transfer form. Should the broker refuse or make it difficult the State of Michigan will accept a copy of a letter you send to your previous broker stating you terminated your relationship as of a certain date.
  • Ask your previous broker for your wall license. The broker could also send it back to the State of Michigan instead of giving it to you. Either method works.
  • Bring the following to Midwest Properties of Michigan:
    a. Wall license (unless it was sent back to the State of Michigan by your previous broker)
    b. The completed State of Michigan transfer form
    c. The transfer fee of $10 in the form of a check payable to State of Michigan
    d. The GRAR association transfer form signed by your previous broker.
  • Your new Midwest Properties of Michigan broker will sign and date your pocket card which then becomes your temporary license until your new license is issued by the state.

Please note that all Midwest Properties of Michigan agents and Midwest Properties of Michigan licensed assistants are required to be active local GRAR association members as well as members of the Michigan Association of Realtors® and the National Association of Realtors®.

You will need your previous broker and new Midwest Properties broker to sign and date the back of your pocket license before you may begin benefitting from the Midwest Properties of Michigan systems.


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